2GB Interview

Anthony Venn-Brown and Peter Madden were interiewed in the studio of 2GB by Glenn Wheeler

Below are just some of the outrageous comments Peter Madden made during our radio interview together. Particularly on gay men's lifespans. My (AVB) comments in (brackets)
  • Being a homosexual particularly for a male is a very very dangerous thing. (Really?) In Denmark and Norway the life expectancy of a male homosexual is 20 -25 years less than heterosexual male. That is the statistic. (A statistic yes.....but from junk science and biased and faulty 'research' that has been rejected by all professional mental health orgainisations. What you are referring to is an urban myth that is constantly perpetrated in Christian books and websites by quoting the ‘research’ of the totally discredited Dr Paul Cameron. For a detailed description of how these figures are falsified then click here for the Box Turtle Bulletin appraisal or click here for a brief description by Professor Warren Throckmorton )
  • I haven’t seen the data but people tell me...... (this is not good enough for someone making the outrageous comments you’ve made)
  • There is no evidence that homosexuality is biological (you’ve obviously been reading anti-gay Christian books and websites. Genuine scientific research however tells us there are many biological and hormonal influences on sexual orientation)
  • I don’t have any friends who are homosexual (this is why you have such a false perception of who LGBTI people really are)


  1. Does any know who Graeme/Graham Willard from La Trobe University is? Peter Madden referred to him as a person who believes in recruiting.

    1. Here is what Dr Willett really said.

      ‘As to recruiting, I think we should recruit gay people to our community as Christians recruit to their communities. And for the same reason – we are happier if we are part of a collectivity, rather than isolated and alone. The gay community – for all its faults – is a pretty good place to be for gay people (and for our friends). As to recruiting to homosexuality – this is, as far as we know, not possible. In the spirit of scientific openness I suppose I should keep an open mind on this. But, unlike the Christians and the heterosexuals, we have never tried to recruit to our lifestyle. For the rather obvious reason that most of us spent our childhoods being recruited to heterosexuality – it didn’t work and it made most of us pretty unhappy.’
      Graham Willett
      Senior Lecturer in Australian Studies
      Australian Centre
      University of Melbourne

    2. News item on this http://gaynewsnetwork.com.au/news/out-of-context-madden-under-fire-again.html

  2. Hi Anthony and Peter

    After listening to the interview I wondered if Peter was projecting his own past experiences of molestation and sexual addiction onto the LGBT community? Peter, I am really sorry that you were molested and wonder whether the broken and lost individuals you referred to might be linked in with your abuser and how you felt as a result of the abuse - understandably broken and lost. I could be wrong but I really hope and pray that you've been able to access some support around this.

    Peter, I've worked in fantastic places that have employed a high number of people from the LGBT community. I am also a volunteer for the freedom 2 b website and have participated in pride marches as a bisexual woman. Through those experiences and others, I've been privileged to meet many outstanding and inspirational individuals who, by their examples, light up the lives of others and encourage them toward goodness and better living. So when I hear your claims that Mardi Gras incites debaucherous behaviours and the moral decline of young people, it doesn't match what I know of my community and gay events.

    I would ask that you open your heart and mind to see the wonderful people in our community and stop making slanderous comments about us that have no bearing on the truth.


  3. I love the tone of the comments coming through on all these pages and also when people vote.


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