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Peter Madden, Christian Democratic Party Candidate for Sydney has confessed that he is homophobic in a sense.

"I've been asked numerous times in radio interviews if I am homophobic to which I have answered "no". Yet I am homophobic in a sense. To be homophobic is to fear or hate homosexual people. I neither fear nor hate homosexuals, in fact quite the opposite. But I confess I am homophobic in that I do really fear what the homosexual lobby can do to Australia and I do sincerely hate that which Australia's most powerful homosexual represents and what he is seeking to change in our country. (I think this means that the label often given you by others is true....even though you protested it was incorrect). Homosexual Senator Bob Brown's values and agendas are so diametrically opposed to all that I and the Christian community stand for as to defy reason. (I think Bob Brown could possibly be a politician first and homosexual second, whereas you a Christian first, politician second....and here lies the problem with you entering politics)

The warped Green values that seek to undermine family values clearly come from a totally foreign mindset to the mindset of the average heterosexual mum and dad that I meet on the street. In trying to analyse this serious difference I have to conclude that these values come from the homosexual mindset (Possibly Senator Bob Brown's & The Greens values are not a homosexual mindset but reflective of many informed people in Australian society who are concerned about equality and the environment). As a Christian my worldview is based, of course, on the Bible and the Bible actually says that homosexuals develop what is called a "reprobate" or "degenerate" mind (Peter.....if you had studied more and looked into the historical and cultural contexts of the words you have quoted here, instead of just reading an English translation, then you would know that this passage is not speaking about same sex orientation as we know it today being reprobate and degenerate but is talking about the idolatrous practices of the  many of the Greek cults who worshipped gods like Aphrodite which included orgies and castrations. Personally I don't know of any gay or lesbian people involved in that kind of activity) of the Senator Bob Brown and Green's co-founder Peter Singer's moral values regarding age of consent, pornography, human worth in comparison to animals, bestiality (You are outrageous Peter mentioning bestiality. You have been reading too much right wing, Christian extremist literature that claims there is a 'homosexual agenda' to introduce multi partner marriage and eventually marry their pets. Once again if you actually had any contact with with gay and lesbian people then you would know that just like heterosexuals, usually one partner is enough to look after...and as for having sex with our pets.....just because I love my dog doesn't mean I want to have sex with her ....and that is not because she is a female. Get real) , infanticide, the concept of marriage and family and many other values essential to the health of society are so bizarrely different to my own that I cannot help but truly fear the results of a Senator Bob Brown dominated federal government or a NSW upper house where the Greens hold the balance of power.

Consequently I stand for and will be promoting a "healthy homophobia" (There is no such thing as "healthy" homophobia. All phobias are dysfunctional and cause difficulties in peoples lives. According to the American Psychiatric Association, a phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. In most cases, the phobia involves a sense of endangerment or a fear of harm.) in NSW to encourage people to both fear and fight the homosexual lobby's dangerous.  moral agenda while not fearing or hating homosexuals themselves. More and more the moral majority in Australia need to be encouraged to come out from under the intimidation of ridicule and media accusations of political incorrectness and fight for traditional Christian family values before degenerate legislation destroys our children's future. Even if there is a homosexual running the country". (Do you have some inside information about Julia Gillard, being a lesbian that we don't know about? Last time I checked, she is Australia's Prime Minister not Bob Brown) 


  1. Time to invoke vilification laws?

  2. I still believe he is a closet gay as in curious for sure, the over the toppers usually are.........sad! he will fizzle out like they all do eventually.


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