Madden Video Comments Compilation

Decades ago in Australia, gay and lesbian people were labelled perverts, psychologically damaged and criminals. Thankfully we now live in a more enlightened society. But not everyone has caught up with the 21st century.

So………is it acceptable that a ‘politician’ makes such slanderous and inaccurate comments about gay and lesbian people, their community and once a year pride celebration with their friends and families?

Should Peter Madden apologise?

This video is just some of Peter Maddens recent comments. You will find more on


  1. How valid a candidate is this fellow? oh my---"I don't hate homosexuals, I love homosexuals" sexual addiction??? In the name of Jesus, amen. yech!!! Stay on him Anthony. Well, not really ON him. After him. I doubt he is either of our types!

  2. I agree with Peter on one thing, Mardi Gras was once about gay and human rights, it was a protest driven out of injustice and inequality. Thankfully, most of those injustices have been over come, but I understand that there is still some way to go. Mardi Gras now has become almost a "free for all" I for one feel a little uncomfortable with watching gay guys and lesbians parading around almost naked, but hey, that's just me and so I choose not to watch or attend MG ... I'm not sure its about standing up for inequality and injustice anymore. Perhaps, I am wrong. But having said that, I don't think we should shut it down, after all we live in a free democratic society, where people have the right to express themselves, in whatever manner they see fit and stand up against injustice .. Bruno Fedele

  3. Hi Bruno.....thanks for your thoughts.

    Have you read my article on the Mardi Gras and other pride might give some additional background.

    I have been in the parade for the last 5 years....I couldn't really say it was a free for fact with so many groups like ours....the police, the services...PFLAG.....Rainbow Children...religious groups etc it is becoming tammer and tammer. So much so that my daughter who marched with us for the second time this year has said yes to my 13 year old granddaughter requesting to march with us next year with a sign that says 'free to love my gay pop' cute.

    only for one or two extreme examples.....what I have seen in the Mardi Gras parade is no different than what we would see on any weekend on Bondi Beach.

    By Peters own admission......he hasn't seen the parade.....he only assumptions have been made by hanging out in a trouble spot in Hyde Park.


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